InforTEX Outsource – offshore outsourcing company


Data and image processing

InforTEX Outsource over last 10 years has made it’s own systems for a OCR -> optical character recognition as well as ICR -> Intelligent Character Recognition. We’ve created team of 80 people who worked full time 24/7 for medical insurance companies from U.S and have been using ICR/OCR tools we’ve developed.

We’re eager to support all companies willing to fetch more lead generation data either with our own out of the box web crawler (designed to collect basic online data) or with a customized system tailored to specific customer needs. We’re flexible which means we can combine both automated  and manual content collection processes  which is what we’ve been offering for U.S based companies and have many years of experience in this area.

We care about high quality results, we can assure full data validation as well as full consistency along the data collection process.