InforTEX Outsource – offshore outsourcing company


Data Mining

Thanks to academic background as well as practical experience in serving companies in the area of data analysis / knowledge discovery InforTEX  Outsource is an ideal partner for running your data mining projects.
Our competence is proved by numerous successfully completed projects including artificial intelligence systems and OCR / ICR software.
By the means of  semantic analysis and clear vision on how to run data analysis InforTEX Outsource was able to discover important patterns in big and complex data bases. This rich experience makes InforTEX Outsource ideal partner for an IT companies which business touches any aspect of processing big data bases both online (internet) or offline as well as constructing IT systems (CRM, search engines etc.). Data discovery process run by InforTEX Outsource consists of gathering and crawling phase, data filtering and selection based on specified business rules, data warehousing  and statistical analysis.
Data Mining services provided by InforTEX Outsource will help you out with definining new strategy for content enrichment, content selling and patterns for efficient  content discovery.