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We’ve gained more than 10 years of IT and web development experience. Below just a few chosen projects which we thought might be interesting to share.

 OCR software project for Gtess company from Dallas, USA. The project’s goal was to provide application which would support image recognition and calssification process on scanned documents in a way to extract text and export it into digital format.

Artifitial Intelligence project (AI) for a medical insurance company where we created automated tools detecting structured information like address, company name, city, state, ZIP, SSN, procedure codes etc. from unstructured printed documents.

Full customer service and data discovery for a HCFA type of documents for a medical insurance companies in USA. We’ve created team of 80 people split both in Polish and U.S locations, working 24h/day and processing tons of data. Additionally we’ve created „client – server” applications to create another 100 jobs for remote both part-time and full time workers. We’ve been processing  up to 60 000 documents daily for 8 years. This long term project also involved creating lots of software tools and systems which later on we’ve started to implement among other customers. This  includes but is not limited to ICR/OCR type of software performing either printed or handwritten text recognition. 

Artifitial Intelligence project (AI) to build system that supports pattern discovery and categorization of protein sequences.  This has been eventually used by Southwestern University of Dallas, TX  laboratory in order to boost their analysis.

Artifitial Intelligence project (AI) for a Gtess company, Dallas, TX  where we have created a character recognition system that was able to handle fonts of variable style, size, orientation or quality. The system was enabled on production  by Gtess company.

Search Engine development „DocIndex Linux Server” for the biggest yellow pages company and a leader on the Polish market Polskie Książki Telefoniczne Sp z o.o. The project consisted of  both front end and back end subsystems for the e-commerce area of yellow pages business. This solution was ideal for the e-commerce sector in which yellow pages companies started to target their products and services.

The engine has been designed and implemented around the following principles : 

  • multi-language support including  full transparency for a polish glossary
  • faceted search 
  • support for phrasal queries 
  • Uncompromised speed and scalability 
  • misspell correction and query suggestions