InforTEX Outsource – offshore outsourcing company

About Us

About Us

InforTEX Outsource is part of InforTEX Group – an IT company. Over last 10 years InforTEX Outsource provided IT products and services for many customers worldwide. The main strength of InforTEX Outsource are the best programmers familiar with recent technologies and trends. They are up to date with the technology and programming languages, are experienced and provide excellent quality code.

InforTEX Outsource has worked with both private and public sector companies across the globe.

We’ve worked with

  • U.S. based Universities
  • medical insurance companies
  • yellow pages sector
  • Silicon valley technology startups

Company founders have university background and still are actively involved in mentoring and teaching next generation developers.

We’ve been developing systems  in the areas of :

  • artifical intelligence,
  • image processing and recognition
  • search engines and geo services for e-commerce
  • real time search and indexing engines

We are Agile in what we do which means we do have scrum masters on board familiar with most recent set of Agile methodologies which are being used in most of our projects. Since we do care about customer relationship we pay huge attention to each customer business needs and expectations. We know that this is extremely important when it comes to the development of IT systems and future enhancments. It’s benefitial for both parties.

We have
  • customer oriented attitude,
  • well prepared software development process which can be tailored to customer’s organization needs,
  • highly skilled developers who deliver projects on time and within budget
We offer
  • to our global customers we offer unique chance to decrease budget spendings on new products developement or existing products maintenance
  • our offer is tailored to the needs of  global players looking for an established and trusted partner for a future growth on the global and more competitive market
  • we deliver project managers familiar with a traditional waterfall approach mostly PRINCE 2
  • we’ve gained lot of knowledge and experience over last 3 years in Agile Software Development
  • Agile has become our main project management methodology which we’ve been adopting very agressively with customers who are keen to get high quality results and quick, valuable deliverables
Software Development Lifecycle
  • we know how to make customer business analysis and gather requirements – by providing UML services to gather customer expectations
  • we’re here to help you out minimize not maximize money spent on a software development
  • we care about quality and scope
  • we’ve academic background in ICT
  • our prices are competitive in CEE region and will remain such since we are passionate about what we do and excited to take challenges in ICT – this is what we’re looking for
Our Team
  • we employ only highly skilled developers
  • we do care about people therefore we’re constantly improving individual skills

We’re familiar with the following programming languages :

  • C / C++ ( including the latest  C++11 standard ),
  • Objective C ,
  • C# ,
  • Java ,
  • PHP ,
  • Python
  • Ruby


We’re familiar with the following frameworks:

  • GWT
  • J2EE
  • QT
  • Ruby On Rails


We have experience in the following data base management systems (DBMS)

  • MySQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • MS SQL Server

We’ve been developing mobile apps for

  • iOS
  • Android
Since we’ve academic background we do not only use software development solutions and frameworks available on market but also create our own frameworks and technologies to serve the needs of big data applications:
  • real-time big data management frameworks
  • Artificial inteligence and machine learning libraries
  • embeddable neural network libraries

Apart from software development team we also have :

  • business analysts
  • scrum masters
  • project managers (familiar with PRINCE 2)
  • system architects
  • information architects
  • QA/testers