InforTEX Outsource – offshore outsourcing company


Turnkey systems

InforTEX Outsource is able to build ready to use  turnkey system covering all of the customer requested features. We’ve been involved in such projects in the past and have worked for a U.S. based company called Intuitive Find for which we’ve built real time indexing platform which  may become the next generation search engine competitive to giants like Google, Bing etc.
Intuitive Find is a search engine, a powerful tool which can become the next big thing in the world of IT/new technologies. We’ve spent many years to implement the whole roadmap of features & functionalities required by our customer  and we know how to build turnkey systems.
Our long term strategy for InforTEX company has been tailored to the needs of  customers in order to assist them in achieving their goals.
Our mission is to provide them with out of the box solutions that can be maintained  within any cloud computing environment and will be quite easily customizable. 
Our previous experience with companies from abroad has shown that customers demand big flexibility and require the systems to be easily functionally partitioned. This is what companies require and need more and more these days to stay on the right track with their business.  
Last few years has proven this was the right direction.